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P&P offer comprehensive support to any all businesses through business development, sales functions, marketing and sales plans. The owner, Michael Price, offers training to businesses or individuals helping get the best out of sales staff. P&P Business Development are based in Edinburgh and the owner Michael Price has extensive experience globally dealing with major names and blue chip clients.
Business Development, Management Edinburgh, Product Development, Improve Sales, Business Growth, Edinburgh Scotland
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Business Development

Our business development services include:

  • Develop growth strategies and operational, sales and marketing and financial plans and implement those strategies
  • Review and analyse existing company processes, procedures and organisational structures and to propose improvements and assist in their implementation
  • Assist in developing a company’s IP strategy and assist in negotiating licensing agreements
  • Assist in raising investment capital


Marketing and Sales Planning

We prepare and implement strategic and operational marketing and sales plans to deliver our clients’ value proposition by:

  • Identifying and analysing the market opportunities for our client’s products and services.
  • Developingmarket strategy and plans
  • Identifying regulatory requirements and required certifications across the EMEA regions
  • Identifying logistics requirements and assist in setting up and managing logistics
  • Identifying appropriate sales channels, partners and customers
  • Developing pricing strategy
  • Introducing internal operating procedures for our clients in order to satisfy customers’ and market requirements
  • Assist in developing sales packaging and POS material
  • Recommend and work with PR agencies to ensure PR activities are aligned with sales activities

Sales functions

We take on the day to day sales function for our clients by:

  • Identifying and developing customers and sales channels either through direct sales and or selecting and managing channel partners
  • Account development and account management
  • Provide product training and support for customers’ sales staff

P&P Sales Functions
P&P Trade Shows & Exhibitions.

Trade shows & exhibitions

  • Together with our clients we determine which trade shows and exhibitions to attend and to exhibit it.
  • Organise and manage clients’ stands at trade shows
  • Produce POS and marketing material, and stand displays if required

Case Studies

See examples of our work