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Michael Price, the owner of P&P Business Development has helped companies like Zeiss, Fit Arc, Columbia, Soleus and Degauss Labs development and grow their products. Increasing sales and introducing products into new markets is part of what the offer in the of business development. Their main aim to to help their clients grow their business and products.
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About Us

P&P Values and Vision

Our Mission

To help our clients grow their businesses profitably by providing them with the right business development services that will more than meet their needs.

Our Values

The core values of our company are to be fair, honest and to have trust, and respect for all our stakeholders. Always trying to improve what we do in order to provide our customers with the best possible services.

Our Vision

P&P Business Development’s vision is to help to bring new innovative creative products to the market that will be beneficial and enjoyable to use.

Michael Price

About the owner of P&P Business Development

Prior to starting P&P Business Development in 2002. Mr. Price was Senior VP for sales and marketing and a member of the board of directors of a multi-national electronics component manufacturer (employed over 900 employees worldwide) to the wireless market and was personally responsible for developing and implementing the sales and marketing strategy that resulted in successfully penetrating the European, Asian and U.S. markets and reaching a global market share of 40%.

Michael established a network of global sales offices and representatives and was also responsible for successfully negotiating technology license agreements with global mobile phone and car manufacturers. As managing director, he started and managed a green-field manufacturing / design / sales company that was a highly profitable and had an average annual revenue growth of over 100% over an eight year period.

Michael has held board level positions with four companies with the responsibility for establishing the strategic direction of those companies. He has been involved in successfully raising private equity capital and in the establishment of joint venture companies. He currently mentors CEO’s of Edinburgh based companies as part of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce mentoring program. He holds a Masters and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Economics.

Our current and past Brands & Clients

These are a selection of projects we are working and clients we are working with