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The home of business development, helping businesses grow and bringing products to market. Specialists in consumer electronics and with a proven track record of successful sales.
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The services we offer

We help businesses grow by:

Business Development

Offering a range of business development services.

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Marketing and Sales Planning

Preparing and implementing strategic and operational marketing and sales plans that are tailored for your business.

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Sales Functions

Taking responsibility for all or part of your company’s sales function for specific markets.

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Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Providing various levels of support that you may require for trade shows and exhibitions.

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Our experience is extensive

We have more than 35 years experience in the following markets & industries:

Wireless Telecommunications


Professional Sports & Sports Technology

Consumer Electronics

Corporate Banking & Finance

International Business Development (USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East)

Communications & IT Services



Everything you will ever need toto bring your Product to Market
Here’s what we’re working on and thinking.

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